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Preparation is the key to successful use of improvised weapon in ladies self defense

Why women should use Improvised Weapons in ladies self defense

Self-defense is an important skill for everyone to have, and it is especially important for women to learn how to defend themselves. While traditional self-defense tools such as pepper spray, stun guns, and tasers can be effective, they may not always be readily available in every situation, nor legal to use. For example, pepper sprays are illegal for use in many countries such as Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom etc. In such cases, improvised weapons can come in handy. In this article, we will discuss the key to successful use of improvised weapons in ladies' self-defense.

What are improvised weapons? Improvised weapons are ordinary objects that can be used as weapons in a self-defense situation. These objects can be found anywhere and can include things like keys, pens, books, belts, chairs, and even a person's own clothes. Improvised weapons can be used either to physically defend oneself, or to create a distraction that allows the victim to escape.

Using improvised weapons in self-defense Being prepared is the key to the successful use of improvised weapons. How can one prepare oneself? Simple, first, get some proper training to know how to use different types of improvised weapons. Remember - improvised weapons are by definition everyday items so it is imperative that you know how to hold, or use it appropriately on selected bodily targets. For example, keys are a popular improvised weapon advocated for ladies to use. Unfortunately, that is not totally correct as keys vary in size and shape and some keys are better than others.

Similarly, pens are another popular improvised weapon, but a studier pen, such as a tactical pen, is a better option as it is usually made of strong material (eg aircraft aluminium), has defined texture for better grip and is longer and thicker than the average pens. Proper training by self defense experts, can help go a long way to ensure that you are using it effectively in self defense contexts - such as against soft tissue targets like throat, or less protected body areas like sternum, ribs etc. Eyes are good target but should only be used as a last resort because of the risk of causing catastrophic damage like permanent loss of eye sight on your assailant.

Apart from getting proper training on how to use improvised weapons, the second way women can prepare oneself in the use of improvised weapons, is having good 'practices' such as making sure the improvised weapon is always there when you need it- by for example, ensuring that they are always placed in the same spot of one's bag, pocket or space in one's home or car. For example, if one decides to use an umbrella in a car (against road rage), or a baseball bat (against home invasion), it is important that these improvised weapons are always placed in the same spot in a car or home. Under pressure, it is easy to panic and not remember where you placed these items that you have made the efforts to train to use.

In conclusion, improvised weapons can be an effective tool for women to use in self-defense situations. However, the key to successful use of improvised weapons in ladies self defense is 'Preparation'. Remember that the goal is to create a distraction or inflict enough pain to allow you to escape. By practicing these techniques and being prepared, women can feel more confident in their ability to defend themselves in any situation.


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