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Catch Wrestling Programme

Simply Brutal.

Catch Wrestling draws its origin from the ancient Greek's wrestling style known as Pankration, Grecco-Roman Wrestling, Iranian wrestling, Irish collar-and-elbow wrestling and English 'catch-as-catch can' style. American Catch Wrestling is a very aggressive full contact style and arguably one of the most brutal submission grappling systems in existence today. One of the world's top 'hookers' (experts in catch wrestling) alive today is Tony Cecchine. 

The motto of American catch is, simply, this: "Use your whole body as a weapon, use his whole body as a target. As judo and jib-jitsu are the gentle arts, Catch Wrestling is the antithesis: brutal and unforgiving", Tony Cecchine.

Kapap Academy Singapore is the only realistic self defense school in Asia certified to teach Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling.  In addition, we are also certified to teach Lancashire Catch-as-Catch-Can by the former late catch wrestling legend, Billy Robinson. 

Class Schedule

Saturday 2pm to 4pm at Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01

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