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What Is Modern Street Combatives?


Street Smart, Street Ready.



Modern Street Combatives is an eclectic self defense system that was created by Master Teo  based on his 37 years of martial arts training under some of the best Teachers of martial arts in the world for their areas - Colonel Chaim Peer (kapap), Tony Cecchine (American Catch Wrestling),  Richard Ryan (Dynamic Combat Method) and several other top martial artists from Savate, Traditional TKD, Wing Chun etc.  Without these incredibly talented modern day warriors, Master Teo would not have been able to distil the important principles and techniques that make Modern Street Combatives one of the easiest to learn, but yet street smart system in existence today.  In essence, Modern Street Combatives combine knowledge of Bodyguarding/ Personal Protection concepts and principles with scientific understanding of the human body based on biomechanics and laws of physics.  In addition, it draws from Master Teo's training as a psychologist to help mentally prepare its students for real world violence and predatory behavioural.


Together with Master Teo's top student and Singapore's leading social activist/ self defense expert in ladies self defense, Ms Qin Yunquan, Modern Street Combatives was created and propogated.  Testiflying to the growing acceptance as a realistic self defense system by the elite class, working professionals, and youth alike,  Modern Street Combatives is now taught in Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.  In time it will also be available in China and Taiwan as well.   Ladies in particular, who make up the majority of our students, have found it to be simple and one of the most energy efficient systems in existence today.



What Is Kapap?


Martial Arts of the Israeli Special Forces

Kapap is Krav Panim El Panim or Hebrew for face to face combat. It is the original combat system of defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat and self-defense, employed by the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli National Police and anti-terrorist units. It is based on understanding and utilizing realistic scenarios that have emerged from real world experience in some of our worst and most threatening environments. Notably, KAPAP minimizes the need for either strength or power on the part of the Kapap practitioner in taking action to protect themselves or their loved ones.

To realize our mission of empowering ordinary people with realistic personal protection skills, Kapap Academy Singapore has adapted the combat-tested art of Kapap for civilian use. The civilian version retains all the simplicity and effectiveness of the military version without the brutality and violence. Unlike traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai etc. Kapap is easy to learn, and takes only mere hours to become proficient in. This is because Kapap relies on intuitive, gross motor responses and one’s understanding of bio-mechanics, instead of complex and elaborate moves that do not work well in street situations. As such, it can be learned by almost anyone, across a diverse range of ages and physiques.

Within Singapore, the civilian version of Kapap is taught in many schools such as Singapore Management University, Temasek Polytechnic, National Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution, Yishun Town Secondary, Victoria School etc. It has also been introduced into organizations such as the Economic Development Board, Temasek holdings, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard Alumni, EDB Society and a number of Girls’ Brigade units (e.g. Methodist Girls School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary, St Hilda’s Secondary, Haig’s Girls, Zhangde Primary).

Some of the techniques that are covered in our programmes include:

    Non aggressive defensive postures and de-escalation
    How to avoid takedowns and sudden attacks on the street
    How to use improvised weapons such as umbrellas, pens, water bottles and magazines
    Breaking out of various forearm grabs and holds
    Defending against multiple attackers
    Knife Defense
    Ground/Grappling Defense


What Is Gracie Jiu-Jitsu?

The Fastest Way to Street Readiness. Guaranteed.

Gracie or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fighting system based on joint manipulation and chokes, focusing exclusively on ground control.  Proven over the last 80 years to be the most reliable system for a smaller person to defeat a larger, more athletic opponent, the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu are based on precise timing and effective use of leverage so that virtually anyone can do them, man or woman, regardless of size or athletic ability.  This is especially useful for ladies and Asians who are smaller sized than our Caucasian counterparts.

Originally developed for the U.S. Army, Gracie Combatives is the only course that entirely dedicated to the mastery of these. This system has been introduced into the US Army, US Special Forces, Delta Force, Navy Seals, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guards, FBI, CIA, US Border Patrol, US Secret Service, US State and local law enforcement agencies. Now, you can equip yourself with the same personal protection skills learnt by these elite forces. 




What Is Catch Wrestling?

Simply Brutal.

Catch Wrestling draws its origin from the ancient Greek's wrestling style known as Pankration, Grecco-Roman Wrestling, Iranian wrestling, Irish collar-and-elbow wrestling and English 'catch-as-catch can' style. American Catch Wrestling is a very aggressive full contact style and arguably one of the most brutal submission grappling systems in existence today. One of the world's top 'hookers' (experts in catch wrestling) alive today is Tony Cecchine. 

The motto of American catch is, simply, this: "Use your whole body as a weapon, use his whole body as a target. As judo and jib-jitsu are the gentle arts, Catch Wrestling is the antithesis: brutal and unforgiving", Tony Cecchine.

Kapap Academy Singapore is the only realistic self defense school in Asia certified to teach Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling.  In addition, we are also certified to teach Lancashire Catch-as-Catch-Can by the former late catch wrestling legend, Billy Robinson. 

What Is Bas Rutten MMA?


Breaking Livers Since 2004.



The Bas Rutten MMA and Fight Systems are programs developed by the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) legend, Bas Rutten.  Former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) Heavyweight Champion and a three time King of Pancrase world champion, Bas Rutten is one of the most feared fighters in the brutal but exciting world of MMA.  Undefeated after 22 fights, Bas popularised the 'liver shot' where with a single strike, he would knocked out his opponents.  His unique style of kicking and striking, from a square stance, allows one to generate tremendous knock out power without telegraphing intent.  An expert in submission grappling (a lightning fast grappling style), Bas ground fighting style is intense....and brutal!  Kapap Academy Singapore is the  first and only official representative for Bas in Asia.

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