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Containment of Aggressive Situations 

The Containment of Aggressive Situations is a programme designed for all frontline staff in the service sector. In the course of dealing with people as part of their work, it is quite common for frontline professionals to be verbally or physically abused by the people they serve. It is therefore important to learn how to respond in a professional way to diffuse an aggressive situation, create the opportunity to escape, or control the aggressor. 

Using psychology, we teach individuals to identify signs of impending aggression and apply communication skills and de-escalation techniques to diffuse an angry person. Only as a last resort, should their lives or the people around them be in immediate danger, the individuals will then need to intervene physically. Individuals are also taught how to work as a team and contain the aggressive situation until the security personnel arrives.  


Examples of organisations who have adopted our programme include National University Hospital, Ng Teng Fong Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, National Heart Centre, Media Development Authority, National Parks etc.


If you are interested to organise such activities for your organisation, please feel free to contact us at

Trainng for Ng Teng Fong Hospital Hospital 

Trainng for Ng Teng Fong Hospital 

Trainng for Singapore General Hospital staff

Training for Media Development Authority staff


National Parks Past Participants


"The programme is very useful and I am able to apply it at my workplace when carrying out enforcement duties."  Ong Soh Hian, National Parks Warden


"I like that I am learning how to defend from attackers and stay alert when approaching members of the public." Mishak Shanari, National Parks Warden


"I like how the trainer would relate the skills he is teaching us to our daily encounters when we are patrolling."  Chin Duliang, National Parks Warden


"The techniques are intuitive and easy to learn." Lily Kwan, National Parks Warden


"The training is very realistic and practical for our work, and helps us to stay safe from danger." Ghufran, National Parks Warden


"Really enjoyed the practical lessons." Nurul Nadia Yusri, National Parks Warden


"The techniques are very practical and are relatively easy to execute.  Fun and exciting training which covers both defense and psychological techniques to stay calm."  Nur Fatin, National Parks Warden

National University Hospital (NUH) Past Participants

"Techniques are very useful for security staff like me, even in a hospital setting." Muslinda Bte Dolmat, NUH Staff 


"I like the defensive techniques taught as they are most important in hospital." Hirman Bte. Abdul Hamid, NUH Staff 


"The programme is very useful and I will encourage my colleagues to attend." Mohamed Azhar Bin Mohd Jani, NUH Staff 


"This training is good for personal protection in a hospital setting." Lhin May Thwin, NUH Staff 

"Very useful for personal self defense anytime and anywhere" Antipolo Maria Luisa Patalagas, NUH Staff 


Ng Teng Fong Hospital (NTFH) Past Participants 


"I learned alot about self defense.  It is useful for me to avoid any aggressive incidents at my workplace or at home." Zuriada Kabis, NTFH staff

"I like how practical the training and effective the training was in helping us handle aggressive situation." Bamanusmani, NTFH staff


"I like everything about the programme and especially learning the skills on how to pin down an aggressor and using finger locks." Asli Biri Omaq, NTFH staff

"It helps us in our security job and do our hospital duties." Govinchmaunal, NTFH staff

National Environment Agency (NEA) Past Participants

"The program is quite in-depth.  More practical then the Central Narcotics Bureau and Singapore Police Force courses."

 Fazli, NEA enforcement officer

“Much more practical and effective than the previous unarmed combat course we attended as NEA officers” Siow Chee Tseng, NEA enforcement officer

“Simple and common sense moves, easy to put into practice to protect oneself and partner.”  Angelia Chan, Former coast guard police/ NEA enforcement officer

"Perfect course for enforcement officers.  Highly effective and awesome trainers.  Will want to learn more!" Shammir, NEA enforcement officer


"I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is dealing with public." Ari, NEA enforcement officer


"The practical sessions were realistic.  Gave us good opportunity to get familiar with the techniques." Kautun, NEA enforcement officer


"I like the grappling methods." Mohd Harfid, NEA enforcement officer

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