MSC/ Kapap Executives, Ladies and Youth Personal Protection Programme 

Ladies learning knife disarming techniques at Shell

Shell executives practising knife disarming techniques

Shell executives learning knife disarming in a hostage situation

Shell executives learning knife disarming in a kidnapping situation

Standard Chartered executives learning to defend against chokes from the rear by an assailant

Standard Chartered executives practising escape from rear chokes in a friendly and safe training environment

Standard Chartered executives learning knife defence against an armed attacker

Kapap principles and techniques are easy to learn yet practical. Here Standard Chartered executives are learning escape from rear chokes

Standard Chartered executives learning defence against rear chokes in a seated position

Kapap Resilience (Character Development)

Kapap resilience programmes, known as Arete, involve a lecture component where students are taught scientific concepts concerning resilience and psychological techniques to fight off negativity.

The Bas Rutten kick is distinctive and contrary to popular misconceptions, it is not similar to muay thai - it is simply Bas Rutten!

Bas Rutten kicks are so powerful that it has been said that the former UFC champion was able to rupture his opponent's liver with simply one kick!

Kapap Academy Singapore, in partnership with Gracie Academy US and Tony Cechinne, is proud of our efforts to promote gracie combating and catch wrestling in this country.

Here yunquan is demonstrating the triangle choke to nearly 200 boys from Raffles Institution.

Yunquan executing a Bas Rutten armbar to the delight of the RI boys.

Armbar from the guard by yunquan.

A catch wrestling ankle lock - designed to dislocate and leave your opponent unable to walk or stand up.

The Boston full crab

Kapap Knife Defence/ Fighting

The use of knife is considered as an effective force equaliser. Ladies who know how to use a knife against an armed attacker is much better able in protecting herself

Chief instructor, ladies self defence, YunQuan is seen here teaching techniques used by military personnel in sentry removal

One of the key strategies used in Kapap knife fighting is known as "blade on flesh". The key objective is to stop an incoming knife dead on its track while at the same time, discourage any further attacks

The use of angles is another important strategy in knife fighting/defence

Kapap practitioners learning knife fighting and disarming in a safe and friendly environment

Good posture in knife fighting often requires the defender to hide one's body behind a blade

Clinton is seen here checking an incoming knife attack with his own blade

Here Clinton hides his counter-strike behind a shoulder bump on his attacker

Using deception, Kapap practitioner Clinton now attempts an outward cut on his assailant's groin


Boys from SJI junior showing off their palm strikes. KapapKids is a fun filled programme that comprises the use of animal movements to develop kinaesthetic and psycho-motor skills, learning of actual self defence skills against a bully, internalising of values such as respect, discipline and resilience, and games to develop reflexes.

Cute boys from St Joseph's Institution Junior executing perfect full shield to protect the face from strikes and ensure that they are not hurt during an attack.

St Joseph's Institution Junior executing the half shield technique - to defend against a strike to the front and a side of the face by the bully.

Boys playing as they learn - animal movements designed to build kinaesthetic and psycho-motor skills.

Master Teo guiding a SJI boy on how to escape from a double hand choke.

SJI boys practising escape from double hand chokes by 'bullies'.

Master Teo helping SJI boys with their practice of kapap. Bullying has been reported by the Singapore Children Society to be about 1 in 5 for primary school kids, and 1 in 4 for secondary school students. Bullying is a serious issue in schools for certain countries like US, Japan, Korea etc and contributes to suicides every year.

SJI students having fun playing the game 'police and prisoner'.

This game 'police and prisoner' helps to develop cooperation amongst kids as they have to work together to stop the prisoner from escaping from his prison.

Gracie Combatives/ Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Gracie Combatives is the official programme that the US Army, FBI, CIA etc is using in part or in full. Kapap Singapore is the only certified training centre of this programme in Asia

Jiu-jitsu is about friendship and helping one another in the quest to learn the Way of the Warrior.

Grappling is an intense game of both mental and physical chess.

Gracie Jiu-jitsu allows a smaller person to fight off a bigger, stronger and more athletic opponent.

The Trap and Roll is a technique that is taught to help dismount a bigger and stronger opponent attempting to choke a victim.

In a mounted position, it is important to adopt strategies and tactics to minimise strikes by the opponent on your face.

70% of the student base in kapap and Gracie Combatives are actually ladies

Just two girls having healthy fun - grappling.

Here, Master Teo, also a gracie combatives instructor, showcasing to about 300 boys from Victoria School the fine art of street grappling.


Graciekids is a fun filled programme where students learn important grappling skills to control a bully in a light hearted and playful manner

When on the ground, one needs to learn how to defend oneself against a standing attacker

Gracie kids learn how to use the elevator sweep to reverse a bully in a dominant position

The Graciekids programme is an international acclaimed programme that imparts not just self defense skills but also values such as respect, humility, discipline etc

Gracie kids are taught a number of animal games designed to improve a child's kinaesthetic and motor sensory skills

Gracie kids can earn internationally recognised belts upon successful mastery of the techniques

Gracie kids build important ground fighting skills by first learning how to roll and move on the ground

The GracieKids programme includes ball games where certain reflexes are honed in game play time

Dodge ball is a popular game amongst Gracie kids to build reflexes

Bas Rutten MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Bas Rutten is a former UFC champion who fought in 22 fightings - losing not even a single one. Kapap Academy Singapore is the only official certified training centre for the Bas Rutten MMA system in Asia.

Bas was one of the most feared no holds barred fighters in his name - often knocking his opponents with powerful strikes and kicks.

Yunquan is the first and only instructor in Asia Pacific certified to teach the Bas Rutten MMA Systems.

While Kapap Academy Singapore is more focused on realistic self defence, our view is that combative sports help to develop important values commonly associated with bieing a martial artist. Here you see, kapap Academy Singapore instructor Roger Chan, competing in a local MMA fight.

MMA is a tough competitive sport that has the reputation as the fastest growing sports in the world. Yunquan, the only official Bas Rutten MMA instructor in Asia, competes occasionally in the local fight scene.

MMA practitioners have to train hard to generate the kind of force required in this combative sports, whether be it kicking or striking.

MMA is not a sports for the faint hearted - its combat and only one man, or woman, steps out of the cage.

The ultimate athlete and combative sportsman - the MMA fighter.

Yunquan, the only representative of the Bas Rutten MMA system in Asia, makes regular trips to US to train with experienced coaches and former MMA champions.

Catch Wrestling

Catch wrestling is a street style fight system that includes both stand up and ground fighting

Practitioners learn stand up fighting to complement their ground fighting skills

The logo for catch wrestling singapore is chinese for 'brutal'. This word epitomises the essence of catch wrestling as a reality based fight system

Catch wrestling, is a reality self defence style, that is known for its no-nonsense approach. Its stand up is drawn from western style boxing, whilst its ground fighting skills traces back to Greco-roman days

Catch wrestling incorporates western style boxing as part of its arsenal of self defence tools

Catch Wrestling Singapore adopts the Bas Rutten style of kicking given its proven track record in major competitions like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Yunquan fighting off an 'attack' from Julian Tan, a former sergeant with the elite Special Operations Force (SOF).

Kapap practitioner, Wlifred, using a double wrist lock to control and restrain an opponent.

Kapap practitioner Wilfred, executing a head lock and neck crank on fellow kapap practitioner/ instructor

Personal Coaching/ Private Classes

Joi Chua, an international/ taiwanese celebrity singer, is a student of kapap.

Being a celebrity, Joi Chua, appreciates the fact that her personal safety may be occasionally compromised at public events. Learning to keep herself safe is therefore of paramount in importance to her.

International/ Taiwanese celebrity, Joi Chua is seen here learning how to defend herself using a life-like head dummy.

Chief instructor for ladies self defence, yunquan, seen here giving private lessons to Joi Chua on how to use the devastating Savate piston kick against the knee.

International/ Taiwanese celebrity, Joi Chua, learning how to dismount an attacker from Gracie Combatives instructor, Yunquan.

A common strategy of an attacker is to choke the victim until the individual is unconscious. Learning to defend against a choke while on the ground is part of the arsenal of skills that kapap practitioners are required to learn to be effective in street defence.

International motivational speaker and co-founder of Industry Rockstar, Kane, receiving private lessons on how to defend oneself against a knife attack.

Celebrity magician MagicBabe Ning, is seen here with Master Teo. Ning is one of Singapore's most idolised 'babes' - having been featured in FHM Singapore on a number of occasions.

Media personality at Channelnewsasia, Yyonne Yong, also trained in Kapap for her personal safety.

Kapap Security

Bank of America security personnel learning to use the covert alert position known as Thoughtful Look to stay alert and ready to act

Bank of America security personnel learning the use of the Half Shield technique to defend against head strikes

The Fence is a popular technique that can be deployed to help keep the security officer safe from an aggressively approaching potential attacker

The Rhino is a good offensive and defensive technique at the same time.

Hold it!! The Fence.

Appearing attentive while adopting a defensive posture

Bank of America security personnel learning kapap techniques in how to de-escalate a potentially explosive situation, whilst staying covertly alert

The Rhino is a style style way to counter-attack while protecting their head

Bank of America security personnel learning to use the Rhino

Government Institutions/ Statutory Boards

Kapap Executive Safety programme was presented to an appreciative audience at Inland Revenue

Chief Instructor, ladies self defence, sharing knowledge on how to keep safe

The Singapore Civil Service Club has also introduced Kapap self defence to its members

Singapore Civil Service Club members learning defence against strikes to the head using the shield

Using street style kicks drawn from Savate

Ministry of Education staff learning about street attacks and how to avoid and de-escalate potentially explosive situations

160 Ministry of Education (MOE) staff attending our Kapap Executive Safety workshop

Kapap Executive Safety Workshop is both informative and practical in nature

Ministry of Education (MOE) staff having fun 'attacking' each other


Kapap Academy Singapore is proud of our long standing partnership with the international youth group, Girls Brigade, in empowering their ladies with realistic self defence skills.

Girls from the Girls Brigade who undergo Kapap training earns for themselves the coveted Physical Exercise Badge awarded by the Girls Brigade itself.

Yunquan, kapap Chief Instructor for ladies self defence, teaching the girls from the Raffles Girls, Girls Brigade, how to escape from a double hand choke while pinned against a wall.

Girls from the Girls Brigade, learning escape from the single hand choke while pinned against the wall.

Learning to defend oneself while on the ground is imperative in keeping safe for ladies.

Learning ground defence is both exciting and fun!

Referred to as Trap and Roll, this is an effortless and easy to learn technique that is drawn from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Wait for it..!!!


Police/ Military

Kapap Academy Singapore trains personnel from the US Navy and Army base in Singapore at Sembawang. Here, you see US military personnel learning the use of kimura.

The triangle choke is one of the most effective way to choke out an opponent. Here personnel from the US Army based in Singapore learning how to execute this high percentage move.

Charles Denman, the former Senior Commander/ Military Sealift Command Far East (in yellow shorts) is seen here training in ground fighting with the CO of South Korea.

The Commanding Officer of US Navy (South Korea) learning Kapap and Catch Wrestling while in Singapore on official business. The grimace on his face is real!

NCIS agents and personnel also learn grappling skills from Kapap Academy Singapore.

US Navy officers learn a mix of gracie combatives and catch wrestling skills.

Personnel of US Navy base here in Singapore learning the famous triangle choke.

Russell, a blue belt in Gracie Combatives, showing the technique armbar from the Guard position to an attentive audience from US Navy base here in Singapore.

Russell, a blue belt in Gracie Combatives, showing the technique arm bar from the guard to an attentive audience from the US Navy base here in Singapore.

Special Events

Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013
Reality Dating Show, 7 April 2013