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Kapap Combatives Programme

Kapap Combatives is a programme designed to train those who wish to be able to able to defend themselves as a modern day warrior. The programme is exciting and brutally effective.  Practitioners will learn how to fight seamlessly from stand up to the ground, using a mix of street style striking and kicking, takedowns, to ground grappling, even against a knife being drawn while on the ground.  Whether it be one attacker or multiple attackers, participants will learn how to use relative positioning and the environment to defend and create the opportunity to escape.  What if your attacker was to draw a knife or worst, a machete? You will learn to use street style weapons like knife, machete or stick to defend yourself, or improvised weapons like bags, chairs, umbrellas, bottles, hammers etc.


This is a warrior programme and is designed for those who are prepared to visit violence upon those intent on doing harm to you and your loved ones.

No pre-requisites needed but generally an interest in martial arts. 

Class Schedule

Tuesday 7pm to 9pm - Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01

Saturday 4 30pm to 6 30pm - Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01

Sunday 12pm to 2pm - Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01

Photo of Kapap Combatives Programme

A Warrior Programme

The programme consists of currently 7 topical series: 

1) Striking/Kicking Series

2) Gun Disarming Series

3) Ground Defence Series

4) Takedown Series

5) Knife Series

6) Control and Restraint Series

7) Tomahawk/Machete Series

Each series will stretch for 3 to 4 months. Check below for what is the current series in focus

Current Series (May 2021)

Training Photos

Gun Disarming

Catch Wrestling/Submission Grappling

Striking and kicking

Knife training

Stick training 


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