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"Believe it or not, I allowed myself to be pinned down, tipped off balance, and to be "put down" with just one tap of the finger on one of my pressure points…… It's the stuff of movies. But this is no playacting. It's the real thing. And let me tell you, as an objective journalist, Kapap works. … Now tell me if this is not the answer for women who are generally smaller and weaker than men! This is self-defense that makes sense.” 

Pamela Ho, former Senior Producer, Channel News Asia
"Kapap gives me a sense of alertness and confidence which allows me to protect myself with simple and smart ways. Some people might  say it's not for people with weak hearts, I think otherwise. If you have a weak heart, all the more you should learn these skills, they are downright useful and one of the best lessons I have learnt."
Joi Chua, International Singer and Celebrity

“As an Israeli and having served in the Israeli Defense Force, I am familiar with some of the unarmed combat/ self defense systems used in Israel.  Kapap, which is Hebrew for ‘face to face’ combat is the original self defense system of the Israeli Special Forces.  It is known for its simplicity and effectiveness as it is system based on scientific understanding of human biomechanics and principles of physics..……through raising the awareness and skill levels of ordinary folks, more people will be inclined to take responsibility for their personal protection, and in this respect, play their role in maintaining civil order and promoting active citizenry.  Within Singapore, such initiatives can only prove to be helpful to one of the country’s top priority programmes - which is Singapore’s Total Defense.”

Professor Michael Benoliel, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University

"Terrific course!  Bring it Back.”

Commodore Charles Denman, Military Sealift Command, Far East

"As a former member of Singapore's elite Special Operations Force (Warrant Officer, Second Class), I have trained in a number of hand to hand combat systems prior to meeting Master Teo. To my mind, the training that I received under Master Teo Yew Chye is one of the most realistic self defense systems I have ever come across. He shows tremendous mastery of his skills and is also a very passionate teacher. I would definitely recommend his system, Modern Street Combatives, to anyone who wishes to learn realistic self defense skills. It is highly realistic, easy to learn and brutal in street defense."


Nicholas Koh, Warrant Officer, Second class, Special Operations Force (SOF)

"As a former regular with Singapore's top Special Forces unit, I received training in Krav Maga as part of our unarmed combat skills.  Whilst Krav Maga is an offensive self defense system that also originated from Israel, I found Kapap to be much more effective and strategic in application because of its focus on attacking the bio-mechanics and weak spots of the human body. In this way, it is a less strength dependent and even more formidable form of unarmed combat or self defense system.  I would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to learn a no-nonsense and highly realistic approach to keeping safe."

SSG Johnny Ng, Special Forces, SAF CDO

"While visiting Singapore, I had the opportunity to train with the folks at Kapap Academy. They are truly world class martial artists. I left my training session with them rethinking what I thought I knew about martial arts and self-defense. I look forward to training with them again on future visits."

Shawn Hussey, Associate Professor of Busness, Corban University/ former US Marine

"Kapap Academy Singapore, is a partner to the Israeli Tactical School, in providing world class tactical shooting and other counter terrorism training in Asia.  As a former Chief Security Officer in the Israeli 'Shin-bet'/ Secret Service, and with over 23 years of combat/ field experience, I can attest to the quality of these programmes and would encourage any military/ security professional, and even private individuals to train with them.  Their instructors have undergone stringent training and certification with us, and are both professional and competent in their tactical skills."


Tomer Israeli, Founder, Israeli Tactical School

"Anyone who is interested of building a foundation in self defence should consider training at Kapap Academy Singapore.  Their Executive personal protection programme covers a comprehensive range of skill sets that are also taught in a unique way.  I honestly learned more realistic and effective self defence skills in a few sessions than I had learned in years of military training!"

Andreas Paul, Master Sergeant, Assistant Attache to the German Defence Attache

PHOTO-2023-12-09-15-16-30 2.jpg
"KAPAP Singapore is privileged to have not only one of the best self defense programs I have ever come across, but also the most highly-skilled martial artists that have the ability to impart their knowledge to any participant! I would highly recommend KAPAP Singapore for anyone who has even an inkling of concern for their own or their loved-one's personal safety!"

Sifu Warren Ho, TKD (4th degree black belt), Kendo (4th degree black belt), Hapkido (2nd degree black belt)/ Founder of Defense Unlimited

“Many of my colleagues and myself in Lenovo travel extensively as part of our work.  The Kapap Workshop impressed me with the ease that which anyone can pick up a number of simple but effective self defense skills within just a few hours.  It was surprising to me that many of the techniques used didn’t require physical strength and dexterity….really practical…..learning Kapap gives us a peace of mind and confidence to handle ourselves better should we face dangerous situations.  I would strongly recommend this workshop as it’s easy to learn, it’s practical and doesn’t take up much time.   Preparation is the best form of protection."

Howie Lau, General Manager/ Executive Director, Lenovo, ASEAN

"I started my daughters on the program last year. They have benefited from training under Yunquan and Master Teo. Practical and essential skills for every young woman. A must have!"

Jack Lim, Chief Commercial Officer, Mediacorp

"S going on a Christian mission trip with grandpa soon to an unsafe country. We thought he should get a jumpstart on self defense. Here he learns to disarm someone holding a gun to his head. I picked up Kapap, an Israeli form of self defence a few years back. As a woman professional who has to travel, I thought it was better to be prepared. What an amazing discipline and I'm full of respect for the teachers who do this to help us look after ourselves."

Stefanie Yuen Thio, Joint Managing Director, TSMP Law Corporation

"Did a lot of martial arts when I was younger - but have finally found something that really works and is super practical. Master Teo Yew Chye is an inspiration and driven to share his teaching for the better of us all."

Laurence Smith, Advisory Board Member, SmartUp

"Very easy to master techniques that can save lives. Must learn!"

Dr Tan Chong Kee (Stanford University), Co-founder, Bay Bucks,

Chair, Board of Directors, The Necessary Stage

"What I personally like about Kapap is that it's great for ladies because you didn't have to be a beefed up muscular macho man with a black belt in something to protect yourself form an attacker (like a robber/rapist/etc), even if they are armed and you are not. Upper body strength is good but not essential. You just need to understand bio-mechanics and physics to control and break joints."


Magic Babe' Ning, Singapore's only professional female magician and escape artist

"I've been taking group lessons and now private classes with Master Teo and Yunquan for awhile now. How they're different from other schools and so uniquely relevant is their incorporation of psychology into their martial arts teachings. Master Teo is a trained psychologist who has consulted with law enforcers and spent decades dealing with criminals and gang members. He doesn't only teach us to fight, he teaches us how to fight smart in the REAL world. Master Qin is equally skilled - she's won an award from the Queen at such a young age and this is testament to the heart and soul she puts into training her students. I am so excited to attend class every week, it is as fun as it is enriching. A privelege to train with the school!"


Nicole Hu, Entrepreneur

"On Master Teo Yew Chye: "This man is literally the Master.....I am blown away by his techniques and his mastery, but also by his ability to translate this information and understanding to you."

Kane Minkus, Motivational Coach, Co-founder, Industry Rockstar

​"On Master Teo Yew Chye: "This guy is incredible, he knows what he is doing, and he gives you simple specific techniques that are tangible, easy to apply that helps to keep you I highly recommend him/ them."


Jeff Slayter, Business Strategist/ Motivational Coach, Co-founder of Industry Rockstar

" You guys are amazing and super dedicated!"

Guido Jenniges, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Black Belt​​

"In today's world where mindless violence and assaults of various kinds are so rampant in different parts of the world, it makes complete sense to be self-reliant to protect oneself. Our teachers at the Kapap Academy teach just that. We learn basic and advanced levels of self-defence, unarmed combat techniques and combat against weapons. Within a few months of training, I feel very empowered and confident when it comes to self-defence. Being a doctor I believe that any form of life-saving is precious. The passion that Master Teo and Coach Yunquan have for teaching is incredible. Also, the fact that they teach the more vulnerable sections namely  children, the elderly and ladies is commendable. "

Dr Bela Purohit

Consultant Neuroradiologist, National Neuroscience Institute

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School

"The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training here at Kapap Academy Singapore is very informative and the instruction is very detailed and clear.  The Instructors ensure a steady pace of training suitable for all students and safety is always emphasized.  Training atmosphere is fun and non-aggressive but the instruction is also rigorous and technical.  I have benefited alot physically and also in knowledge by training here even over a short span of time.  Definitely recommend this for all who are keen to learn something new and sincere to pick up Jiu-Jitsu."


Assistant Professor Adam Ng

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

National University of Singapore

2nd Dan Black Belt, Aikido

" It is always a pleasure listening to Master Teo recounts his inspirational life stories, then watch him reduce grown men to quivering wrecks when he does his KAPAP demonstrations. The man is a legend! "


Ben Lee

Chief Executive Officer/ Co-founder, Entrepid

Serial Entrepreneur

" A completely no-nonsense, highly practical, street wise approach to personal protection."


Barry Lea

Chief Executive Officer, Lloyds TSB

Former police officer of both the UK and Hong Kong Police/ Former member of UK Bomb Squad

“As a 2nd dan black belt in taekwondo with various other martial arts experience, I observe that martial arts and even some MMA today, are incredibly sports-centric. This may not be ideal for those whose main priority is practical self-defence, not competitions. I have finished Kapap 1 and 2, and learnt catch wrestling for just under a year now. I have learnt vital street defence techniques in very realistic yet safe ways, and am now confident at defending myself in both stand-up and ground fighting. Kapap Academy is a good place for both new and experienced fighters, guys and girls, old and young alike, to learn a wide variety of modern street combatives. Master Teo and Yunquan are formidable fighters, mentors with a gift for teaching and most importantly, very compassionate people (social activists), and I highly recommend this school, as well as their brand of street defence to everybody.”


Chan Wei

Overseas student, Oxford University/ 2nd Dan Black Belt, TKD


"As a student going overseas, I felt it was essential to learn self-defense as safety is of utmost importance. Singapore is generally very safe, which has unfortunately given us a false sense of security. The overseas environment will definitely not be as safe as Singapore, and adding on the fact that I will be away from family, puts me in a very vulnerable position. Thus it is important to learn how to defend myself in order to give my parents and myself a peace of mind that I know how to keep myself safe whilst enjoying my time overseas.
The classes conducted have been incredibly fun and interactive, catering to the needs of any student.  The movements were very well thought out, always being backed up by reason and engaging stories. Very realistic scenarios were also reenacted. Additionally, the moves taught involved very useful and simple skills which do not need years of training to execute. I would definitely recommend Kapap to anyone going overseas, no matter male or female, long term or short term."


Natalie Teh

Overseas student, National University of Ireland

" Kapap in my opinion is one of the best kept secrets in the martial arts world.   As a life long martial artist, I was impressed enough with the realistic self defense techniques and principles to decide to go for their  instructorship program.   The experience was well worth it as the different modules were well presented and the moves clearly explained.  I would certainly recommend it to any hardcore martial artists who wishes to add to their toolbox of skills and principles."


Sinsei Desmond Shea

Taekwondo (4th Dan)/ Former Canadian National Champion



" The level 1 Kapap Instructorship course is highly intensive and comprehensive.  I like how it covers a wide variety of skill sets  - from pointers on how to teach a non-martial artist  to how to transit from standup to ground engagements.  The techniques are highly effective and practical.  I would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in becoming an instructor or becoming a more well rounded martial artist. "


Jessica Lim

Financial Trader

G K Goh Financial Services

" I learned alot about  principles and techniques that were simple but yet highly effective.  I was surprised at how little force is necessary in self defense situations if you know what to do.  The Instructors were competent and highly effective.  Nice friends made during the instructorship ."


Lawrence Lim

Section Leader

Army Development Force (ADF)

Singapore Armed Forces

" A very intensive instructorship course where one is exposed to the different martial arts - from  Catch Wrestling, Bas Rutten kickboxing to Gracie Combatives and Kapap Combatives.  The training was very realistic and highly practical. "


Stella Teoh

Ministry of Education Teacher


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