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Modern Street Combatives for Seniors

Singaporeans aged 65 and older, form 13.1 per cent of the citizen population (as of June 2015).  Crimes against the elderly range from financial related crimes like scams to more serious crimes such robbery, snatch theft etc. Elderly are also exposed to physical bullying and threats, as seen in the recent public outrage against a couple physically bullying an elderly over the sharing of table space at the Toa Payoh market (21 April 2017- Toa Payoh Lor 8 Hawker Centre Pushing Incident – First Person Witness Account from Janice Lim). 

To help the elderly stay safe, a customised programme for the elderly has been developed - taking into account real physical limitations that the elderly faces in terms of agility, strength, balance, etc.  Using knowledge drawn from both psychology and bodyguarding training, elderly participants of this programme learn how to identify signs of an imminent attack, de-escalate, and resort to non-physical strategies to create the opportunities to escape as a first option. Physical strategies that involve simple, easy to learn self defense techniques are only used as a last resort.  Past participants of our programme range from 65 to nearly 80 years old - with the average elderly around 75 years in age.



Read what past elderly participants have to say about the efficacy of our programme, and be amazed at how effective we are in empowering the elderly to stay safe. Please email us at to find out what is the latest promotions/ discounted packages we have to help you learn without paying full price!

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