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MSC Executives / Ladies/ Youth Personal Protection Programme (Level 1 and 2)/ Executives Travel Safety Programme


Street violence that includes senseless unprovoked assaults, violent robbery with weapons, molestation, attempted rape or kidnapping, can happen when you least expect it and are potentially life threatening. Victims of such aggression need to learn appropriate strategies and tactics to de-escalate, evade or control and restraint their assailant until help comes.  Using knowledge drawn from both psychology and body guarding training, participants learn how to  identify signs of an imminent attack, and position oneself to de-escalate or create opportunities to escape.  Only as a last resort is physical strategies used to defend oneself to survive an assault.  Instead of relying on strength based techniques that are often taught in combative sports (E.g Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts etc), participants learn how to use principles of bio-mechanics and leverage to protect themselves.


No age limit, no fitness requirements and no prior martial arts background!


Level 1 and  Level 2 : 10 sessions of 2 hours each per level


Some of the techniques covered in the programme includes:

  • Non aggressive defensive postures and de-escalation

  • How to avoid takedowns and sudden attacks on the street

  • How to use improvised weapons such as umbrellas, pens, water bottles and magazines

  • Breaking out from various forearm grabs and holds

  • Knife Defense

  • Ground/Grappling Defense


And many more...


Class Schedule


Level 1 classes:


Monday 7pm to 9pm - Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01

Wednesday 7pm to 9pm - 8 Liang Seah Street, #02-01

Friday 7pm to 9pm - Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01

Saturday 11am to 1pm - 8 Liang Seah Street, #02-01

Saturday 2 45pm to 4 45pm- 8 Liang Seah Street, #02-01

Sunday 3pm to 5pm- Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-01


Level 2 classes:


Sunday 3pm to 5pm - 8 Liang Seah Street #02-01, Singapore 189029

Do note that all our lessons are modular, hence you can start anytime you wish,

or make up for classes that you miss without feeling lost! This means greater flexibility

in learning and higher chance of fitting lessons within your busy schedule. 

Class Schedule in Calendar Format


RS - Robinson Square venue

LS- Liang Seah venue

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