Staying Safe From A Terror Attack

The Era of Global Terror Threats In 2007, at the Gaza stripe, an Israeli security officer was able to avert mass killing of innocent civilians when he became suspicious of a would-be female terrorist who disguised herself as a pregnant woman. Apart from her tendency to avert eye contact, hands wringing, the dead give away behavioural cue was the way she walked. Unlike real pregnant women, who tend to walk with their legs apart (as nature’s way of allowing them to balance the baby they are carrying as they walk), the suspect walked with one foot directly in front of the other as most ladies would if they were not pregnant. This observation contradicts the appearance of pregnancy as evident

Staying Safe while Studying and Living Abroad

Vivien was enjoying herself living and studying abroad. She and two other Singaporean girls rented a second floor apartment in a town that was close to a shipyard where foreign power’s warships docked to refuel and restock supplies. It was a nice town and by and large, the locals welcomed the foreign sailors and soldiers who visited their town. Vivien had seen these sailors, and generally found them well behaved and pleasant…….until one night which became her worst nightmare. That eventful night, as her friends were standing by their apartment’s windows, four of these foreign sailors noticed them from the road and started to make catcalls to the girls. They were obviously drunk and were

Top 7 ways to stay safe whilst taking a cab overseas

Dennis, a young Singapore executive, was on his first business trip to China. He was then working as a manager in a logistics company. Outside his hotel in Guangzhou, he hailed a cab to get to his intended direction. As he sat in the cab, his mind went over the presentation he has to give at his client’s office. He mentally reviewed the flow of his powerpoint presentation, the key points that he had to highlight, and the sales pitch he has to make. Distracted by his thoughts, Dennis did not notice that the cab driver had taken a detour from the route that would have taken him to the intended destination. Not that it really mattered – this was his first trip in Guangzhou and his lack o

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