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Approved For SEP Grant (Year 2022)

SEP Programme ID: 19108(Boxing for Beginners)















Boxing is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports. Using punches, agility in the hand and footwork, head movement etc, boxing builds mental and physical toughness, agility, strategy and respect for one’s opponent.  Programme aims to introduce students to Boxing via technical drills. For safety reasons, there will strictly be no sparring or physical contact during training.




SEP Programme ID: 

18328 (Introduction to Muay Thai for Self Defence), 19388 (Introduction to Muay Thai for Ladies Self Defence), 19477 (Muay Thai for Ladies Self Defence), 20135 (Muay Thai for Self Defence)

18710 (Muay Thai for Beginners)


















Muay Thai is one of the most physically demanding and challenging combative sports.  It is also a really good sport to instill physical and mental resilience. Muay Thai is also known for their strength and conditioning training – making it one of the leading striking and kicking systems in the world today.




SEP Programme ID: 19944 (Introduction to Wrestling for Women) and 19627 (Sports Exposure in Women Wrestling)
















This is the first women wrestling programme in Singapore recognized by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore.  While wrestling share several character building benefits with other sports (e.g. confidence building, discipline etc), it is a sport that builds mental resilience like no other due to the rigorous and demanding training.


By focusing on the technical aspects of wrestling, participants will gain insights and experience to the thrills and spills of wrestling, without the same physical demands. This programme has also been designed to promote women wrestling as a sport in Singapore so as to build a pool of women wrestlers to become part of the national team.





SEP Programme ID : 20197 (Catch Wrestling for Beginners) and 19275 (Introduction to Catch Wrestling)

















Catch wrestling is a traditional European sports in which the object is to force the opponent into a position in which both shoulders touch the ground, or submission holds are used to cause an opponent to yield.  Formerly, part of the Olympics in the early 1900s, Catch Wrestling today is enjoying a come back internationally.


One international body that governs the growth of the sport today is the Catch Wrestling Alliance (CWA), of which Gracie Asia/ Kapap Academy is the only officially recognized training centre in Asia.



SEP Programme ID: 19593 (Wrestling for Beginners) and 20011 (Introduction to Wrestling)















The current dominant style of wrestling in the world today is known as Olympic or Free style wrestling.  This style focuses on takedowns or the use of body pins to win in a competitive context.  Olympic Wrestling is being practised all over the world, and is a great sport to develop mental resilience, sportsmanship and self-confidence.




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