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Kapap Singapore is "headed by one of Singapore's self-defence pioneers, Teo Yew Chye"

Yahoo! Sports, MMA Insider, Feb 2014


"Founded by renowned martial arts expert Teo Yew Chye after his brother was murdered, Kapap Academy (Singapore) is based on the Israeli self-defence system, Kapap.

It is rooted in reality with a strong emphasis on hand-to-hand combat as well as weapons."

Yahoo! Sports, Sep 2014


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Featured Video

- Lifetime Asia

Kapap Academy's proprietary system, Modern Street Combatives, was featured on Lifetime Asia (31 May 2018), courtesy of Nestle. Find out more about the 3 Rings of Defense that makes this system unique in the way it blends the study of psychology, with bodyguarding principles together with easy to learn combatives moves. Ms Qin Yunquan, the social activist who co-founded Modern Street Combatives, became the first and only martial artist/ self defense instructor to be conferred a medal/ award by the Queen of England for her work helping others to stay safe (2017). 

Featured Video

-NUS Department of Communications and New Media Production, 'Origins and Legacy'


Kapap Academy (Singapore), is today, Singapore's top realistic self defense school given its market penetration of over 140 companies and 90 schools by year end 2016.  No other single martial arts or self defense school in Singapore has achieved such market penetration or gained such widespread acceptance.


This student production by the NUS Department of Communications and New Media pays tribute to the journey of Kapap Academy. 

Featured Video​

- Straits Times Online Production, 'Heroes Among Us'

Ms Qin Yunquan, CEO of Kapap Academy, National Wrestler and Winner of the Queen's Young Leaders Award (2017), was recently featured in the first of this 8 part documentary series, 'Heroes Among Us'.  Produced by Straits Times, this series tells the stories of ordinary Singaporeans who overcame personal struggles to achieve greater things.  Launched on 11 December 2016, Ms Qin spoke candidly about how she overcame social isolation and near death experience from anorexia, to become who she is today - a Social Activist/ Entrepreneur, a National Athlete, an internationally acclaimed Self Defense Instructor, and one of a small group of Young Leaders recognised by Her Majesty the Queen of England for their exemplary and selfless contributions to communities within the 53 Commonwealth countries.  Yunquan's dedication to her social mission of helping others stay safe through self defence has earned her the credit of being the first and only martial artist ever to receive such a prestigious award from Her Majesty the Queen.

Featured Video

- CQC/ CQB training: Come train in Close-quarters combat (CQC) or close-quarters battle (CQB) - a tactical situation that involves a physical fight with firearms or edged weapons between multiple combatants at short range.

Featured Video

- Tomer and Yunquan demonstrating room clearing with live fire


Kapap Academy Singapore is a partner to Israeli Tactical School in conducting training in tactical shooting in counter terrorism. To find out more about our Tactical shooting courses, please click here

Testimony by Jacqueline Tay, Development Fellow, Healthcare NGO Operation Asha (Action for Securing Health for All)

Testimony by Mervyn Cheong, Legal Counsel/ Partner, M/ S Eugene Thuraisingam

Testimony by Stella Ng, MOE School Teacher. 

Featured Video

- Yunquan teaching a group of kids at a children's event at Gardens by the Bay


KapapKids is a fun-filled but yet practical realistic self defense class designed with two purposes in mind: anti-bullying by other children, and anti-kidnapping of kids by adults.  Taught in a fun, engaging way, kids learn simple moves in a game like manner that keeps them looking forward to training.  Classes are also kept small so that the children gets the closer supervision they need to learn.  In addition to learning such practical life skills, important values like mental strength, courage, respect for others, etc are inculcated during 'mat chat' time - that is an integral part of the KapapKids programme itself.  KapapKids is a programme that has been developed by both self defense experts together with qualified psychologists in an effort to nurture both body and mind.

Tactical Pen Seminar Series  


The Tactical Pen Seminar Series is designed for Executives, Ladies and young people who are intending to go abroad for work or studies - and need a little 'assistance' to keep safe.  Unless the use of a knife or baton is an option, the next best thing is a tactical pen.  The key advantage of carrying such an everyday, functional item is that there is a greater likelihood of one having this self defence tool when a need arises.  Furthermore, it is less conspicuous and as such, less likely to draw unwanted attention to oneself. 


Each 2 to 3 hour seminar is designed  to empower participants with both the skills and the drills to use the Tactical Pen as an impact and stabbing self defence tool.  Participants will learn also how to use the tool to control and restraint an assailant without the use of excessive force. 


Seminar Series:

  • Tactical Pen Seminar 1 - Standing Engagements

  • Tactical Pen Seminar 2 - Ground Engagements

  • Tactical Pen Seminar 3 - Defence against edged weapons (Not Planned Yet)


Participants of this seminar will get to keep the Tactical Pen as part of our INTRODUCTORY OFFER.  Contact us at or for details


Features of this self defence tool include:


  • 5.7 inches in length

  • Sturdy aluminum construction

  • Tip for self defence and as glass breaker

  • Functional pen that writes smoothly

  • Easily available  ink refill

  • Pocket clip

    Legal to carry





"The programme is extremely meaningful and the instructor is very inspirational.  Every woman should be equipped with the skills of self defence.  As Singaporeans, we often take our safety for granted, but once you have to go out of our comfort zone, reality kicks in and you will have to learn all that you can to protect yourself."

Yiwei, Public Service Commission Scholar



"I just wish I attended this course earlier before going to London.  Effective techniques that empower women in their self defence.  I feel so much safer now that I have these techniques that I can use to protect myself and my friends."

Tan Xinyi, Public Service Commission Scholar



"The course is very empowering.  It is important to be armed with the knowledge and techniques taught.  The best option is learning self defence.  When one is confident that one can take care of and defend oneself,  it is possible to be more situationally aware and to avoid potential conflict.  It is enlightening to know that strength is not important; technique and the right mindset is."

Dorothy Chan, retired lawyer



"I advocate the learning of Kapap especially for our children. My Isagail benefitted from the program. I notice her improvements in situation awareness. She is more alert and as a mum I feel less "stress" to let her do things by herself ."

Jasmine Mah, concerned mom

"The self defense and tactical pen training were extremely useful and effective.  Master Teo and Qin Yunquan are highly skilled martial artists who are also exceptionally talented and effective teachers. The classes are a combination of written and verbal instruction and practical, hands on drills. I highly recommend their classes and would take again without hesitation."
Arline Ichien, Retired US lawyer



Please click here for more testimonies from past participants of our programmes.


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